Who Needs CPR Training

In the event of a medical emergency, if CPR is properly applied it often increases the odds of survival, especially in cases of cardiac arrest. However, very few people understand the techniques necessary for properly performing CPR, and even fewer have attended a class that will train them.

As a result, it is important that people who may one day hold someone’s life in their hands understand how to perform CPR, especially in your Houston community. Listed below are several groups of people who must have CPR training and should be prepared to perform it in the event of an emergency.

Everyone Needs CPR Training

School Staff

Across the nation and especially in Houston schools, more districts are working to ensure that all of their workers have properly trained and become certified in administering CPR. Although school nurses are equipped to handle these issues, if a student begins to suffer a medical emergency, all school personnel should be prepared to perform life-saving measures. Whether this includes bus drivers, teachers, coaches, or even administrators, any staff member of a school district should be certified in performing CPR.

High School Students

Similar to school staff, many schools across the Houston area are beginning to require high school students to be certified in administering CPR. As a result, every student should have undergone training before they graduate from high school and are awarded their diploma.

Due to this, many are hoping that these students will always remember their training which will uniquely enable them to be prepared to handle any medical emergency that may arise. In fact, high school students are required to receive significant amounts of training. Overall, due to this change in policy, local communities rest assured that large amounts of individuals have been trained to safely and calmly assist in a medical emergency.

Any Medical Personnel

Although this may seem to be obvious, anybody who is remotely related to the medical field should be CPR certified. Any company that has members who interact with medical personnel should have their staff participate in training sessions. Furthermore, any new hires should also be quickly certified in CPR.

CPR Training For Everyone

Office Workers

Regardless of whether you work in a large office or a smaller setting, you should look to ensure that you and your colleagues have received CPR training and are certified. Although activity levels are low, a large amount of medical emergencies frequently happen in an office.

In Houston, many local business owners are banding together to institute company-wide CPR classes and many individuals have also worked to help spread awareness of the importance of CPR certification.

Gym Staff

Along with office workers, you should also look to see that gym managers, staff members, and even personal trainers have been trained in administering first aid and CPR. As gyms are often the location of overexertion and high activity levels, the frequency of cardiac arrest is extremely high. Similarly, shortness of breath and life-threatening injuries can also occur at your gym.

Due to this, all gym personnel should be prepared to perform CPR on anybody. As a result, you should always ask your local, Houston gym owners whether their staff members are prepared to handled medical emergencies and if they are CPR certified.

Preschool, Daycare, Home Healthcare

In today’s world, a variety of situations could lead to your child needing CPR. As a result, you should look to see whether your local daycare’s staff have been CPR certified or trained at a local class. Furthermore, if you have small children, you should also look to enroll in a local class as it may help you save your child’s life in the event of a medical emergency.

Ultimately, it is extremely important that people who are often in contact with young children have CPR training.  In fact, the Texas Department of Family and Protective services offer First Aid and CPR certification along with a variety of other training classes.

Who Should Take CPR Training?

As a general rule of thumb, anyone who is in contact with individuals who are at high risk of suffering an unforeseen medical emergency should be CPR certified. Similarly, even if you are not included in one of the previously listed groups, you should consider attending a CPR training class as it will enable you to potentially save the lives of others in your local Houston community.

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