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Premium CPR is a locally owned and operated CPR Training Company right here in the Houston Texas area. We take great pride in serving our community and doing our part to help make Houston a safer place to live, work, and play.

We are growing as a company as many people and companies are getting tired of, and starting to question why they are hiring CPR Training companies from out of state. They have begun to understand the value that hiring locally can bring to their business. From cost saving, to personal contact with the owner, to supporting a local company, hiring Premium CPR for your next CPR Training Class for your Group or Business is a win win situation.

Why You Should Choose a Local CPR Class Provider

At one point or another, you have probably witnessed someone in Houston choking or struggling to breathe or involved in an accident. Often, it can seem overwhelming when you are faced with the decision of trying to help, especially if it may require CPR. If you have not been properly trained how to administer High Quality CPR, then you may be ineffective and actually even do more harm then good.

Although there are a variety of online classes which claim to help you learn the basics of CPR, it is always better to choose a local Houston CPR class, from Premium CPR for a variety of reasons, including personalized teaching, hands-on lessons, and developing bonds within your community.

Do Business Locally

Sometimes, CPR classes run by national companies may resort to hiring subcontractors as they attempt to meet the needs of communities scattered across the country. Unfortunately there is very little control over the quality of the instruction given by these subcontractors. However, in the case of Premium CPR, we are here, locally in Houston, and Our Classes are generally taught by the owner herself, or someone she has personally trained or worked with.

Premium CPR is looking to establish partnerships with companies and organizations throughout the Houston Texas area to teach their employees, members, and clientel in an ongoing way. We want to earn your trust as your local CPR Training provider.

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