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Are you prepared to help someone during an emergency?

Getting the right first aid and CPR training can help ensure that you are ready and able to help someone during a time of need. Whether you encounter an accident on the side of the road, or a co-worker has a stroke, knowing how to take action can mean the difference between a life saved and a life lost. There’s never been a better time to get the training that can help you stay safe, and help you save a life. Premium CPR can help train your groups, on-site employees, or corporate organizations to learn first aid and CPR today.

Group CPR Classes

As a leading CPR provider in Houston Texas, Premium CPR has been offering individual CPR courses for many years. We have trained many people to be ready in the event of an emergency, and now we are pleased to offer group courses in the Houston area.

Learning CPR in a group setting is beneficial for many reasons:

  • You’ll gain confidence being around others who are learning what you are learning
  • You can ask questions and gain insight from others in the group who may have used their CPR skills in the past
  • You can engage with the training content in a number of ways and talk to your peers about the training
  • You can practice hands-on skills with other people, not just the mannequins provided
  • You can hear other people’s questions and benefit from a joint learning process

Our group CPR classes provide the same trusted and high-quality CPR and first aid lessons that you may have come to know and expect from our individual courses. Group courses allow us to train more people at once and prepare more people to react in a calm and collected manner during medical emergencies.

In every group CPR course, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep yourself safe and the casualty safe
  • How to identify a medical emergency and how to respond
  • How to treat a variety of medical emergencies and how to keep the casualty calm
  • How to hand off casualties to medical responders
  • How to perform CPR, choking procedure, and more on children and adults
  • Plus much more.

On-site Group CPR Certification

At Premium CPR, we are pleased to offer on-site courses for organizations and groups in Houston, Texas. On-site courses are great for organizations that can’t travel to our location, but still, require CPR training through Premium CPR. We can come to you! Simply call our office to set up an on-site CPR course for your group of employees, girl scouts, baseball coaches, teachers, and more. We can walk you through the setup and registration process related to booking an on-site CPR course and get you the training you need as soon as possible.

Corporate CPR Training

We specialize in providing training to large corporate organizations that cannot provide time away from work for employees to receive the vital training they need. Don’t worry – we can come to your organization to help you. Or, if you have the ability to send employees our way, we can accommodate that request as well. As a corporate organization, we are pleased to offer you special group rates to help keep your training costs low and your safety front and center.

All of our CPR certification programs are recognized by the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, or The American Safety & Health Institute. When you train with Premium CPR, you’ll be training with a leading provider of group CPR classes in Houston, Texas!

American Heart Association CPR Certification Houston | Group CPR Classes

Information About Group CPR Classes

American Heart Association CPR Training Houston | Group CPR Classes

Group CPR Certification

Who Should Enroll in a Group CPR Class?

If you have been thinking of updating your CPR certification, or if you need to get recertified for your employment, consider training in a group session with Premium CPR. Our group classes are designed to ensure that maximum learning takes place and incorporates a variety of learning strategies to ensure everyone is getting what they need out of the class.

Whether you need CPR training to secure employment, or you want your entire family to learn CPR because you are having a baby, we can help. With group CPR classes in Houston, we can schedule a class for you today.

What is the Basic Delivery of Group CPR Classes?

When you take part in a group CPR class offered by Premium CPR, you’ll gain valuable experience through hands-on training, theory, and question and answer periods designed to help make the most of your learning experience.

Whether you join an existing CPR group class or you schedule one for your own organization, company, or family, we can deliver a high-quality training program that is designed to meet and exceed your needs.

Our delivery approach is about making learning fun and ensuring that everyone understands the concepts and protocols that are being taught. It’s essential that everyone who participates gains a level of confidence that allows them to feel like they could respond to an emergency situation.

With over 20 years of experience in the health and safety industry, the owner and lead instructor makes learning CPR and first aid a breeze. Her unique approach to teaching safety skills keeps people coming back to her courses year after year.  You’ll find that the information is well presented, easy to understand, and delivered in a timely manner. Whether you need a basic CPR course, CPR and First Aid, or BLS – Premium CPR can help.

Call to Book a Group CPR Training Course Today

Contact Premium CPR to schedule a group course for your employees, organization, non-profit, teams, and more. We can accommodate large groups, as well as small groups, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your training requirements related to occupational health and safety.

Taking CPR training means that you are at the ready to help another person should a medical emergency arise. This training can mean the difference between life and death for people, and we can help you be prepared to take on that responsibility. Contact Premium CPR today.

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