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Houston CPR Classes in Spanish

All of the CPR classes offered by Premium CPR in Houston are available in both English and Spanish. In such a diverse city as Houston and the surrounding areas, it is very important to offer CPR training in Spanish to the workplace, home, and community.

Houston Texas is the 4th largest city in the US behind New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago and the largest city in the South. While the city of Houston itself has a population of 2.3 million, it is the 5th largest metropolitan area in the US with 6.9 million people.

Houston has been rated in recent years as the most diverse city in America. Included in that diversity Hispanics comprise 36.5 of the entire population which makes it the third largest hispanic population in the country. According to the 2017 US Census, the non-English language spoken by the largest percentage of people in Houston is Spanish, which is spoken by 38.48 % of the population.

Premium CPR the is the clear leader in offering all of it’s Houston CPR Classes and Certification in Spanish, all classes taught by a native speaker. We provide CPR Training in the entire greater Houston area, including Cypress, Katy, Tomball, Spring, Jersey City, and The Woodlands. Premium CPR specializes in individual, group, onsite, and corporate CPR Training.

We offer a wide range of health and safety training and certifications including CPR, AED, First Aid, BLS, CPRO, Bloodborne pathogens, Lifeguard training, Swim Coach Safety Training, Water Safety courses, & Babysitting.

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CPR in Spanish

Houston CPR Class in Spanish

With such a large Spanish speaking population in Houston, Premium CPR is proud to offer our CPR classes and other training in both English and Spanish. All of our Spanish CPR Classes are taught personally by the founder and owner of Premium CPR, a native Spanish speaker, Cynthia Stubbins, who is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. ¡Hablamos español!

All Premium CPR Training Classes in Spanish are certified by The American Heart Association, The American Red Cross, or The American Safety and Health Institute.

CPR Training and Certification en Español

We believe that with the growing hispanic population that CPR training conducted in Spanish is going to become increasingly important and vital to the families and businesses in the Houston area. Premium CPR has positioned itself to be a leader in the health and safety training industry with it’s wide variety of courses taught in Spanish.

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COVID-19 Update

Premium CPR Update 03/16/2022

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the Spring of 2020 we have continued to evaluate and adjust our policies and procedures as necessary, to meet the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and the American Health and Safety Institute, in addition to the latest CDC and WHO updates.

At Premium CPR our top priority is the health and safety of our students and staff, and their families. To that end here are the latest procedures for our classes:

1. Proper Face Masks (N-95 or Surgical masks) are currently not required, but still RECOMMENDED, for all Premium CPR Classes. They should be worn properly covering both mouth and nose.

2. If you have been exposed to Covid, or have had a positive Covid test, then obviously you should not be coming to class. Please contact us to reschedule.

3. If you were exposed to Covid, or tested positive for covid and have since recovered, been through the proper quarantine period, and now test negative, then it is REQUIRED that you wear a proper facemask, i.e. an N95 or a surgical mask, and maintain social distancing at all times.

4. Anyone who is sick, has a fever, or feels sick should not attend class. Please contact us to reschedule.

5. We reserve the right to cancel a class for anyone who appears sick or not feeling well.

6. NO children, family, or friends! Only paid students are allowed in the classroom and facility at any time. Anyone not paying for the class needs to remain outside the building at all times.

7. All equipment will be sanitized before, during, and after each class.

8. We will do our very best to ensure that there will be no sharing of equipment, each student will have their own manikin, AED, etc. An exception to this is in the BLS class students have the option to work together.

9. Cleaning wipes and Hand Sanitizer will be available during class.

10. Social Distancing – we do our best to maintain social distancing in our classes.

We will do our utmost to make sure that our training classes are as safe as possible for our students and staff members. Thank you for your cooperation.

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